Below you'll find an unique set of work experiences that has lead me to the person I am today. Through this broad range of experiences I can add value in several creative ways! Here is a more traditional resume.


What I'm Good At

I'm a web designer with a knack for marketing. A quantitative background in the biological sciences, psychology, and business coupled with a great personality make me adaptable to any number of positions.

Web Development

Clean, Responsive Web Development with elegant design. I obsess over every detail and I'm proud to build on one of the most popular content managment systems, wordpress!


If they can't find you online you'll never make a sale. Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental neccessity to drive traffic to your site in todays crowded webspace.

Marketing | Strategy

Online or offline, I create opportunities to make a sale. I create marketing plans with horsepower that align with your company's strategic direction.


Who Is This Guy?

I'm 32 years old. I'v dabbled in entrepreneurship, served behind the bar, drilled for oil 130 miles into the Gulf of Mexico. I know my way around a command line, have a Bachelor's in the biological sciences and love business. I'v lead a simple life.


Say hello!

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